Dental Health

Letter: H

Number: 8

Color: Yellow 

Shape: Square

Dental Health Lesson Plan

Week 1

Week 1 – ECIPs

For providers going through Parent Aware in the state of MN, below is a link to a shortened Dental Health lesson plan to save to your computer. Enter the dates in the blue spaces available and upload to the website under lesson plans. You need to load 3 weeks of lesson plans for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Week 1 – Parent Aware

Printable Permission Form

Note From Jean

Main Page Cover Sheet

Letter to Parents

Theme Letter, Number, Color and Shape Sheet

Blank Weekly Curriculum Schedule

Blank Weekly Planner

Blank Planning Sheets

Fun Printables

Friday Folder

Library Check Out

Dental Cover Sheets

Dental Book List

Family Notes Home

Daily Reports – Infants – Toddlers and Potty Training

Dental Lacing Cards

Dental – Large Wall Flash Cards

Vocabulary Words

Dental Health Dry Eraser Sheets

Click on picture to access file


Dental Magnet Sheets

Click on picture to access file


File Folder Games

Dental Health Cover Sheet

Instructions for File Folder Games

Dental Match Up Cards

Dental Health Literacy Ideas

Dental Health Literacy Cover Sheet

How to Have Healthy Teeth Book

Dental Health Word Wall

Click on picture to access file


Math and Science Ideas

Dental Health Math and Science Cover Sheet

Toothbrush and Toothpaste Graphing

Dental Health How Many?

Dental Health Number Matching Cards

Dental Magnet Counting Sheets

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Dental Health Worksheets

Dental Health Worksheets

Letter H Worksheets

Number 8 Worksheets

Color Yellow Worksheets

Shape Square Worksheets


Dental Health Crafts Cover Sheet

Brushing Tooth

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Smiling Mouth

Parts of a Tooth

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Dental Crafts

Dental Health Songs, Poems and Fingerplays

Songs, Poems and Fingerplays

Healthy Teeth – Unhealthy Teeth Activity

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Healthy Dental Care Tips / Certificate

Tip Printout and Healthy Smile Certificate

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